The Great British Bake Off 2017 – Directory and Recap

It’s not been a bad year for Bake Off, all in all. Despite fears that the move to Channel 4 would rob the show of all the things that made it great, I reckon I enjoyed this series at least as much as the BBC’s version. The bizarre combination of Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding turned out to be one of those genius flavour pairings that shouldn’t work but does, and Prue Leith might be no Mary Berry, but she’s not half bad.

Paul Hollywood’s also still there.

So how did it all go? I reviewed and recapped every episode as it happened, and here’s the tl;dr!

Week 1 – Cake. Peter, we hardly knew ye.

Week 2 – Biscuits. Chris, who seemed like a fun sort of chap, crumbled.

Week 3 – Bread. I thought Flo might last longer than she did, especially after how well she did with the first week’s showstopper, but she just didn’t rise to the occasion.

Week 4 – Caramel. Tom made some fatal errors that I think took him out before his time; I’d have been interested to see what he could have come up with if he’d stuck around.

Week 5 – Desserts. Happy feller James, whom everyone says they’ll really miss but who never gets brought up again, is shown the door – or flap, whatever the tent has.

Week 6 – Pastry. I had Julia down as an early contender for finalist, if not winner, but a few mistakes result in her getting the boot.

Week 7 – Italian. Yan, who’ll always have a special place in my heart, is sadly eliminated.


Week 9 – Patisserie. Stacey, who I didn’t think would make it this far, falls at the final hurdle. Can’t help but feel a bit bad for her.

Week 10 – Grand Final. Kate and Steven both do pretty well, but our winner is Sophie!

And there you have it. Bake Off has been the main thing filling up this blog for the last ten weeks, so I’ll have to find something else to do!

You might also remember that I made some predictions after Week 4, so how did I do? Well, I actually got every week except one correct, if you can believe it; I predicted that Sophie would leave in Week 6, but it ended up being Julia. I mean, it’s a pretty big one to get wrong given that Sophie netted the crown, but I still think I did pretty well!


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