For the purposes of setting out what I do and don’t want to consent to people doing with anything I’ve created and uploaded here, here is a hopefully unambiguous statement.

I own the rights to all written content on this website, and anything I’ve quoted is under fair use, with links to the original creator as far as I’m reasonably able to provide. Screenshots, images and other content are also under fair use, and I will try to ask for permission where practical before using anyone’s content. If I’ve used your content and you’re not happy with it, please let me know via the contact page and I will most likely just remove it no questions asked.

As far as people using my content, you’re welcome to quote sections of it as long as I’m given credit, including a link to the original content. I don’t demand to be asked in advance, where I’m just being quoted.

I do not consent to full articles, or extensive sections of my work, being copied and posted on your own site without permission, whether you claim credit for the work as your own or not.

This blog also contains some of my music, and you are welcome to link to it where credit is given. You may also remix it, again with credit. You may not use any of my tracks in their entirety in your own work unless you’ve asked me for permission. (I will probably say yes, but please ask me first and credit me in your work.)

If I become aware that you’ve done anything which I’ve not given permission for above, then my first step will be to contact you and ask you nicely to remove the offending content. If you become aware that I’ve done anything you don’t consent to, then please also contact me in the first instance, as I will almost definitely not have done it on purpose.

If I ask you to remove my content and you don’t comply, I’ll next submit a takedown request under DMCA.

In short: if you use any of my content, please link back to the original work and credit me. If in doubt, ask me first!