Welcome to Overthinker Y.

I’m an overthinker, so I spend most of my time asking ‘why?’. I’m also one of those lucky people who happens to be part of what’s often called ‘Generation Y’ (also known as the ‘millennials’, or more commonly just ‘entitled little twats’).

So Overthinker Y is my little slice of what passes for reality these days. I spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about stuff, and hopefully some of that stuff will end up in a format that people might enjoy reading. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, just someone who thinks very hard about pretty much everything.

I’ll probably be talking quite a lot about video games, philosophy, and probably just life in modern society in general. This talking shall be known, pleasingly, as ‘overthinkery’.

For a quick rundown of the various regular series here, see these helpful posts for… some sort of rough idea of what each is about.

In short, we have:

Chiptune Chaos – in which I try to write music

Creativity Quest – my attempts to do creative stuff

Millennial Philosophy – vaguely philosophical chatter

OutThinking Bad Reviews – I look at some criticisms of stuff

Pop Culture OverThought – reviews and whatnot

Finally, The Big OverThinkAlong – I read, watch, play and so on, and break it down chapter by chapter for your follow-along convenience. More about this can be found from the ‘Overthinkalong’ button in the header menu.