Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – E6 – ‘There Are Some Things I Just Have To See!!’

Okay, so I was really tired when I watched this episode. As a consequence, I didn’t have an awful lot of intelligent points to make about it. Therefore, instead of the usual review/ discussion format, this instalment will be taking the form of the abridged-iest episode of all time. Unless anybody’s got any objections? No? Sweet.


SIMON: hey bro remember that village from last episode? that sucked.

KAMINA: bust through the heavens with your drill, anyway yeah too right

SIMON: yknow we actually had it pretty good back in shitsville, we had pig moles and stuff

KAMINA: i really don’t like how that old dude was just as manly and awesome as me but used his power for evil, also rossiu has a big forehead

YOKO: yall bitches stink to high heaven

KAMINA: who the hell do you think i am

YOKO literally shoots everyone but luckily they’re all somehow fine

LEERON: weird how we haven’t seen the beastmen hq yet

SIMON: i thought we were just doing a few filler episodes first

LEERON: maybe my technologibob’s wrong cos it looks like the base is moving

suddenly gunmen

YOKO: oh hey gunmen

KAMINA: who the hell do you think i am, you stupid fluffy bunny rabbit biatches, behold the mighty KAMINA and whatnot

they beat down the Gunmen with ease

ROSSIU: seems like the enemies are getting lamer

YOKO: nah we just getting more sweet

LEERON: we should totally follow that one that’s getting away and maybe get to the base or whatever

ROSSIU: have any of yall actually thought about what you’re gonna do when we get there

KAMINA: bust through the heavens with our drill, who the hell do you think i am


OLD MAN: *points*

ROSSIU: i dunno if we should go with him guys

everyone else is like already gone

ROSSIU: god damn it

suddenly MANY WOMEN

KAMINA: *wobbles with glee*

ROSSIU: is nobody suspicious about any of this

everyone just eats everything

BLACK SIBLINGS: o hai we are also here wearing robes and rubbing ourselves all over the great KAMINA

YOKO: i definitely have no issues with this

SIMON: is the one male member of the BLACK SIBLINGS not here

BLACK SIBLINGS: nah this episode is basically just an excuse to get every female character in towels and stuff

SIMON: i am fine with this

MADAM: so world famous TEAM GURREN you may now go use our hot springs

KAMINA: whazzat

LEERON: nudity

KAMINA: best. day. ever.


to KAMINA’s eternal disappointment, men and women have separate pools, but OLD MAN seems pretty stoked for some reason

KAMINA: hey simon we should go to the moon

SIMON: this isn’t a moon this is a reflection of a moon

KAMINA: who the hell do you think i am

KAMINA uses BOOTA as a loincloth

KAMINA: reject common sense to make the impossible possible, we’re going to the moon you lil bitch

flashbacks to TEAM GURREN making it up to the surface which apparently means they can also make it to the moon

flashback continues, because apparently this episode needed some padding out

….. still going

pretty much just five minutes of replay from episode 1

oh wait and now episodes 2 and 3 as well

KAMINA: who the heck was viral


ROSSIU: i trusted that dude who said we had to exile kids for like years but now I don’t trust this old dude with a hot spring

back to the lads

SIMON: yknow i’m kinda worried that we haven’t heard anything from the ladies in a while

KAMINA: believe in the me that believes in boota that believes in you that –

SIMON: not the time

KAMINA: ugh fine, lemme stand on your shoulders and look over into the pool full of honies, definitely only for potential rescue purposes and no other reason


KAMINA gets on top of the wall with boota covering his winky

KAMINA: wtf where’d they all go

suddenly trippy shit

MADAM: yo this whole place was secretly a gunmen the whole time and im a beast person

SIMON: balls

LEERON: no worries naked dudes, i got this

moments later

LEERON: oh wait they stole our mechs, i don’t got this

ROSSIU: i appear to also be being carried away with the mechs

KAMINA: nobody cares what you have to say forehead boy now NAKED LEAP

KAMINA jumps on the bath house gunmen, YOKO shoots the cage the girls were in and escapes, which you’d think she might have done earlier

KAMINA, YOKO and BLACK SISTERS: *beat up toad people*

SIMON: i am so stressed out right now

KAMINA: stfu simon everything is basically ok who the hell do you think i am

MADAM: *captures KAMINA*

KAMINA: i am so naked and pissed off that literally nothing can stop me right now

SIMON jumps in to save KAMINA, which causes lagann’s drill to look an awful lot like a big ol’ erection. EVERYBODY tries to get in lagann, which works about as well as could be expected

ROSSIU: i somehow have enough fighting spirit to pilot gurren

KAMINA: well that’s pretty sweet, as is the fact that i’m crammed in this tiny cockpit with like four virtually naked girls


KAMINA: *somehow births himself from lagann’s drill directly into gurren*

GURREN LAGANN beats the shit out of the bath house and YOKO’s boobs fall out

KAMINA: ………… best day ever

YOKO: *flees*

suddenly explosions and everybody’s lying around naked except somehow BOOTA is still on KAMINA’s crotch

even more suddenly, VIRAL!!!!!!!

KAMINA: still don’t remember this guy




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