The Chaos Continues [CQ4]


I’ve not posted a new track in the Chiptune Chaos series in a while, which I feel a bit bad about! Rest assured, though, that I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE tunes currently under construction. The first, ‘Battle With The Goof-Off Hitman’, is a jazzy/ swingy tune; ‘Hourglass’ is a reminiscent piano piece; and ‘Cross-Pollination’ is my attempt at a minimalist track designed to appear in the background of a disturbing or dreamlike area.

The last track I posted, ‘This Moment’s A Big One, Probably’, has seen UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS as far as I’m concerned, in that the lovely Kim from the talented and excellent folks over at Later Levels got in touch and asked if she could use my music in a video the Later Levels team are producing for a really amazing cause, which you can read a bit more about here. I’m honoured to be asked to be involved in any capacity, and I certainly hope to be able to get involved with the Later Levels team however I can moving forward! I was pretty stoked to be included in their recent Question of the Month on the subject of game soundtracks, and I’m just generally excited to be able to interact with these really cool people and give myself more motivation to be one creative mother trucker.

Since the point of Creativity Quest is to chronicle my ongoing attempts to be the aforementioned creative mother trucker, regular readers (I must have at least one by now, he said hopefully) might have noticed that my output levels on here have been pretty high lately. I’ve just handed in my notice at work, which means that I’ll now have about six weeks left in this job. Here, I have nothing to do, so I’m making the most of this opportunity by spending all day writing blog posts. I won’t be able to do this in my new job, so I’ll have to do all my blog work at home. I don’t want to let it slow me down, but I’m definitely trying to just create as much as I possibly can while I still have eight hours a day at work and nothing else to fill it with.

With any luck, the next Chiptune Chaos track should be ready to upload in the next few days. I’ve also got another part of the Recettear Let’s Play almost ready to go, and it’s a fun one because my other half got involved!

Stay tuned for more… well, me.


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  1. Great to have you on board for the latest question-of-the-month, looking forward to more good things in the future! 🙂


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