Let’s Play Recettear – Part 5 – One Slime to Rule Them All

Last time on Let’s Play Recettear: we went into a dungeon and got stuff!

This time… I don’t really know. I’ll probably be trying to sell some of the aforementioned stuff, which might mean that this post’s a bit heavier on the skipping-over-and-summing up. I don’t think y’all want to sit through every transaction, after all.

Let’s get back to it!


Right, we’re in the shop. Good start. I guess this is the part where we either sell or go out. I need to make some cash before I start venturing elsewhere, so I’ll get on the old sellin’.

Customers! Our good start continues!


I first read this as being ‘the legendary Recette’ rather than ‘the legendary [gloves]… Recette!’, which was rather flattering. I really don’t think these gloves are legendary, and I feel a bit bad about letting our mate Louie believe it, but whatevs.

We sell Louie some gloves for 250pix, and hopefully that’ll make him a better adventurer for when we need to exploit employ his services.

We do some more selling to some happy customers such as ‘Old Man’! Well, he refuses to buy some clothes at 130pix, which really wasn’t a bad deal at all, but in the end we don’t sell anything to that stingy bugger. Anyway, he immediately comes back and takes a Worn Sword for only 10% over base price.

Cheap git.


That round of selling takes up one unit of time and puts us up to 895pix. Not bad! I’ll do one more lot of selling, then maybe go exploring.


We sell a couple more bitsemibobs. All’s going pretty good, when who should show up but Expository Reginald?!


Reg, my man! How’s it going? I find it kind of odd that the leader of all the merchants in the entire universe would come buy something off us, but I need the dollar.

One more unit of time gone, and it’s the evening! We’re a few bob up, which is nice; I’ll need to restock the store, though. Tear pops over, presumably to let us know how fantastic we are.

Uggggh. Such a ballbuster. I should have known whatever she wanted was going to be something to do with getting her money back.

What we can do, and how much thereof, depends on what time of day it is. Tear suggests thinking of each time of day (the clock’s split into four) as a slice.


Good response. Recette’s a girl after my own heart. Tear says she did this on purpose, since she figured it’d be easier to keep Recette’s attention if she made it look like food. I call bullshit.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Summary: We can only act between morning and night, since we gotta sleep and all. In each slice we can either open up shop, or head out on business. Time advances when we finish a session of selling or return to the shop from outside, so we should aim to get a lot done when we pop out. We can also head to a dungeon, which will always use up two slices.

Bad idea to head to a dungeon at night, since we’d annoy the adventurers by keeping them up and then be all sleep-deprived the next day. Plus, presumably, we might end up getting mugged on the way back (quite possibly by the very same adventurers).

Lecture over, it’s already mid-afternoon, so I guess we may as well just keep up with the selling for the rest of the day. I restock the shelves with beautiful items aplenty, which pretty much means slime fluid ‘cos that’s what we’ve got in spades. The leather boots, with their base price of 1600pix, get pride of place by the window.



don’t fuck this up




c’mon now i’m practically giving these fuckers away


We proceed to sell a leather hat and a wooden shield, which is enough to get us to Merchant Level 2! Powerful antivenom (totally forgot I had that, to be honest) and some plain clothes also fly off the shelves.

Well, thank Christ for that.

I sense another lecture incoming…


Whaaaat? I thought we were a vendor of rubbish things, not a pawner of other people’s even rubbisher things! Astutely, Recette asks why we would worry about buying things off randomers when we can already get stock from the Merchants’ Guild, dungeons and so on and so forth.

And that difference is that individuals don’t work to a base price, which means we can haggle just like when we’re the ones doing the selling. Hey, we can be the annoying customers who demand lower prices! Glee!

Tear runs us through a quick practice session. As she says, it’s pretty much the same as buying.

I buy a few practice items from her; generally she says yes straight away at around 70% and doesn’t bother making me haggle. She doesn’t do very thorough tutorials.

It’s now getting on for evening, and we’re about 5000pix to the good, which is nice. Haven’t got long until we need to hand over 10 grand, though, which stings a bit; if I make 10 grand just in time, then that day will put me right back to zero, and how will I get more stock then?! Speaking of stock, I figure we’ve done enough selling for one day. Time to venture out into the town, I think!


The pub, Merchants’ Guild and town square are all open. The pub and the chapel are two areas I’d like to check out at some point, but let’s be good townspeople and hang out in the square for now.


Oh. Well, then. Pub it is!


Oh. Nobody’s in a pub? In the evening? What kind of bizarre stay-inside place is this?! I guess that leaves the Merchants’ Guild; may as well see if Reg has anything worth buying.

We don’t have an awful lot of money to play with, but I figure getting one or two high-value items might be a good investment. Pop ’em in the window, try to turn some profit, we’ll be laughing. We pick up a couple of bits, which we’ll use to restock the shop for tomorrow.



Day 4 begins, and I start the day off with a bit of inventory management. The window’s filled up with all our most valuable stuff, and most of the rest of the shelves are slime fluid. I think it might be a good idea to spend another day mostly just selling stuff, then tomorrow we might try another dungeon or visit some different areas.

We spend the day clearing our shelves of all our excellent products.

Louie buys a couple of bits, which seem to have an effect on his stats. It’s a win-win, I guess; he pays us for the gear, and he becomes more useful for future dungeon raids.

I get some kinky vibes off this guy. Guess what he does in his own home is his own business.


On the third attempt to open up shop, nobody buys anything. I guess slime fluid isn’t all that appealing. Who woulda thunk it?

Day 4 wasn’t too bad; we’re almost up to the magical 10K. We definitely need to spend day 5 getting more items, though, since we’re pretty much out of all the desirable stuff now.

We head to the town square, where… nothing happens.

In the chapel, we find out a bit more about Tear’s employment situation. Turns out she’s not strictly hired by the Terme Finance Company, she’s more of a sub-contractor. Apparently almost all fairies in the human world belong to a fairy-exclusive contract agency, since it’s a bit tricky for fairies to find regular employment. Wonder what the rest of ’em do?


Our ventures in the square and chapel didn’t take any time at all, so let’s raid another dungeon!




A beautiful selection of items. That’s literally all we have left in the world besides our many shelves full of slime fluid, but we bring both the apple and the walnut bread along. Never know when they might come in handy.


Ooh, we’ve got a new dungeon to check out. This one looks airier and friendlier than the Hall of Trials, but I bet it’ll be harder. Hopefully that corresponds to better loot.


The first floor contains the now-expected slimes, goat men and tree thingies, plus a new rabbit-like enemy. The first chest we open turns out to be a trap, making the floor all slippy-slidy-like.


There are now mushrooms, which look happy but hit hard. Some enemies also seem to leave behind an angry bee when they die – either that or I’m just not spotting the bees until all the other enemies are gone. We proceed and find a few decent-ish items.

There are more environmental traps in this dungeon, including falling rocks, some sort of paralysis, and the aforementioned icy floors, which make things a bit trickier. Some of them pop out of chests, others just sort of happen. Louie does us proud, though, levelling up again like a total boss.


Ooooooooh, double EXP.

There are quite a few enemies on this floor, so we do a little grinding and boost Louie’s excellence even further. He’s becoming a regular little hero!




I like this game. Must have been a lot of fun being a developer, like: ‘hey, we need some traps to put in the dungeons.’ ‘How about… fish?’ ‘I LIKE IT.’


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What’s the point of being here if we can’t carry any more?! Can I drop some of the crap stuff?

Yes, I can. Okay. I clear out a couple of low-value bits; don’t want to risk finding something amazing and not being able to bring it back. Hopefully we can upgrade our carry capacity at some point. We wander down to the fifth floor, when all of a sudden…


King Slime, Lord of the Slime, ladies and gentlemen.

Motherfucker has a lot of health and hits pretty hard. Plus he keeps absorbing little slimes and recovering health, which is a bitch. I didn’t know there were bosses!


We actually end up burning through quite a lot of our consumables just trying to keep Louie alive. The Slime King has about 200HP, which we’re whittling away one or two at a time, whereas Louie’s got 50HP and the slimy bastard hits for 12 a pop.

I eventually realise that my strategy of running in and whacking the bitch isn’t working, as it has with the mooks up to this point, and adopt a more careful tactic of taking out his slime babies before running in for a cautious hit and getting out again. This works a bit better, since he starts reducing in size without his slime compadres, and a smaller Slime King is a Slime King who takes more damage. Thank fuck for that.


I do like how Recette and Tear are just sort of… watching and cheering, I guess. ‘Louie, Louie, he’s our man, if he can’t do it… we won’t be all that surprised.’


so close


Came back alive! Success! I’ll come back another time, but I don’t think Louie can carry on in this shape. Besides, we got a decent little haul out of it.


Our little store’s happily restocked, with everything at the window being worth at least 1000pix. We’re slowly reclaiming our shelves from the slime fluid!

I don’t think it’s worth doing much else today, so we have a quick selling sesh and make a decent few bob. We’re finally up above the 10K required to make our first repayment, which is nice.

Another day, another set of expectations exceeded. Night, all. Next time: we head back to the dungeon, having rid it of the fearsome Slime King, and… make so much money. So much.








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