Calling People Who Like To Read Stuff [CQ6]

Ladies and gentlemen, I just achieved a thing.

Stargirl Draft Two is… finished. It’s a weird feeling; this has been what I’ve spent most of my time thinking about for the last month or so, and now it’s done. I’m proud of myself for getting it done, if cautious because I know that I have a tendency to get something half-done and then just leave it for ages.

As a measure against my own laziness, and because I want this story to continue improving, this is the point where I need to recruit your help. I need people to read the story and let me know what they think of it – fair but honest criticism is what I need in order to make it the best it can be, and keep me motivated to not just forget about it.

The entire manuscript is in a Google document; anyone who wants to help out, please leave me a comment or email me via the contact page and I’ll send you the link. You’ll be able to comment directly onto the document so I can easily see which areas are working and which aren’t.

I fully expect that not a single person will ever even read this, but what the heck. If anyone out there sees this and likes to read stories about worlds that are very much like our own but just a little bit weirder, let me know.


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