A Brief Apology [CQ8]

I haven’t been very active in the last few days, for which I apologise. I’m determined that this will not be the start of another descent into total inactivity, as has happened with previous projects.

Real life stuff is, unfortunately, a little busy at the mo. I’m just about to change jobs, and won’t be able to do my blogging from work once that happens, so I need to find a bit more of a routine at home. I should still be able to watch episodes of Gurren Lagann in my lunch breaks, so the Let’s Watch should be able to carry on merrily; once that’s done, I’m planning to take on Cowboy Bebop. It’s only six episodes – I’ve been realising that perhaps a 20+ episode series wasn’t the best to start with – and then I think I’d like to do something that isn’t anime.

I’ve also been a bit distracted from my own writing because I haven’t been able to tear myself away from reading the excellent Marathon Recaps blog, particularly the Kingdom Hearts retrospectives. Highly recommended! I have, at least, found time to write a short contribution for Later Levels’ question of the month, which should be posted on Friday.

While we’re talking about writing: right now, Stargirl is with a few selected friends for beta reading. Once I’ve got some feedback, I think I’ll be diving straight in to make revisions and then start thinking about what I’m going to do with this story. I still think I’d like to find out how to get it properly published, but maybe starting out by putting it up on the Kindle store might be a decent first move? I don’t know, we’ll see. On the same subject, I’ve been slowly working on a story tentatively called A Mid-World Wanderland, which I’m thinking I might pair up with Today My Girlfriend Turned Into A Tree and stick on the Kindle store as a sort of very small collection of short-ish stories.

And that is, in essence, what’s going on over here. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, and I still feel pretty determined to keep it up and not slide back into being someone who constantly thinks they ought to be writing but never actually writes. So here’s a promise, which I now have to stick to: by Monday, I’ll have done at least two posts. One will be the next Gurren Lagann episode; the other will most likely be a post I’ve been thinking about for a little while, to do with difficulty in gaming.

Oh, and Wrestlemania also happened. I’m not going to review the whole thing, because everyone else on the internet already has, but short thoughts: I enjoyed most matches, but too many seemed to end apropos of nothing in particular (and not in a good ‘outta nowhere’ fashion). But heck, the Hardy Boyz returned and that alone made it worth staying up until gone 5 in the morning for.


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