Is Everything Really So Difficult?

Today is my first day in a brand-new job! I’ve been without one for the last four weeks or so, a situation which has brought a pretty hefty amount of stress, so by all accounts this situation where I am now employed ought to be a really great thing. 

It’s a job I really wanted, too; I’m working for a company who make an app for people who suffer from autism or anxiety, so it’s something I feel proud to be involved in and something that I think is very worthwhile. The people all seem great, which is also obviously a big positive!

So I have to wonder why I’m so darn anxious about it. Is it just that it’s something new, something different that I’ll have to learn and get used to and hope I fit in with? Maybe it is just that fear of the unknown and the uncertain. I keep latching onto specific things, though, particularly practical issues that might crop up like how I’m going to get to work and that sort of thing; I think it’s all just the whole… new stuff and having to get into this new routine with all its little things I’ll need to be aware of. 

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going – hopefully better than the one I quit after a week! – and in the meantime I’ll be continuing to do what I do here. I think the OverThinker is turning into a primarily Let’s Play/ Watch sort of affair, and I’m quite happy with that state of things. I’ll still be posting articles and thoughts and stuff, but focusing on the Overthinkalong keeps me motivated. I am also doing more music for Chiptune Chaos, which I’ll hopefully upload really soon. 

So.. that’s life as it is right now! 


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