Sequel, schmequel, question of the month, it’s all good, I’m bad at titles.

It’s that time again, where LaterLevels run their Question of the Month.

This month’s question: which video games ought to have had a sequel?

I thought about this one pretty hard, and a bit of research threw up that a lot of the ones I might have picked have actually had sequels in one form or another. There are so few games these days that haven’t had some sort of follow-up that it was kind of hard to think of, and of those that hadn’t, some felt as if sequels would have been a waste of time.

Take Shadow of the Colossus, for example. Great game. No sequel. But I don’t think it needs one, and I think it’s probably one of those situations where a sequel would be more likely to suck in comparison, or even sour the original by association. We got The Last Guardian, and that’s more than good enough for me.

Anyway, in the end I went for Cave Story, and you can read my argument here! There are a lot of other good answers in there, too, so I’ll be surprised if this month marks my FIRST EVER QOTM VICTORY, but we’ll make it happen. Hashtag-OverThinker-For-QOTM-Winner-2K18.



  1. I agree, the games that you would naturally think of have had a sequel already lol. This was definitely a hard question 🙂



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