You can now read the entirety of Stargirl totally free, ‘cos I’m a goon.

So, y’know, I was thinking maybe I’d one day try to get Stargirl fully and properly published, but then I saw there was a thing called Inkitt and I was like, well, balls to it, let’s at least get it out there in one form or another.

So you can now read my novel, Stargirl, on this website to your heart’s content. 

I was going to share it more privately and get some feedback, ‘cos I still don’t really think it’s finished, but I guess I just decided that I’d probably never do anything with it unless I just did something with it, so I did.

If you do read it, please do give me feedback. I’m still hopeful that it might one day see actual shelves in actual physical book form.

For a bit of background, I’ve written before about what this story is and what it’s about, so you can look here and here  and here for that, but here’s the blurb I put on Inkitt:

‘A not-quite fantasy tale that raises questions of enormous, thought-provoking, hilarious magnitude, Stargirl follows the tale of a bunch of nerds living in a world which is very like the one you and I inhabit, but just a little bit more peculiar. Fans of Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami should enjoy the way Stargirl takes the tiniest of moments and the broadest of universes, and then tips them all just a little bit sideways; you won’t know whether to laugh or to wander off and think deeply about the nature of reality for a while. Do both. Both is good.’

So… yeah. Go read that. Thanks.




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