Blogger Blitz Championship: Lightning Farron vs. Link

The inaugural Blogger Blitz comes to a close in the most epic fashion. The only question left is… what crazy community collaboration will be next?

Adventure Rules

Hello adventurers and welcome at long last to the Blogger Blitz Championship Match! Today you will learn the outcome of the whole competition as the winner is crowned at last. Two amazing bloggers have worked very hard to get to this point, and now they’ll face off in the most complicated and emotional Blogger Blitz event yet! If you haven’t read the match posts for this week, I highly recommend you check them out before reading on as understanding each blogger’s argument will be important to understanding the finals! You can read LightningEllen’s argument here, and Sheikah Plate’s argument here.

Once these arguments were submitted, our five fantastic judges put their analytical minds to work, critically reading each post to decide which of these two bloggers should wear the championship belt (is it a crown, is it a belt, you’ll never know). Our judges are Athena of AmbiGaming…

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