Things I’ve Been Up To (Including Blogger Blitz Final Recap)

It’s been a very cool month or so for me! I’ve been getting involved in a few things put together by some very awesome people, and you’ll probably have seen those already, but I figured I’d do a little recap of what we’ve been getting up to recently. It’s all very excellent stuff, and you should definitely go and check out the people I’ve been working with, because they all rule!

You know, this is still a very young, very small little blog, so I feel pretty flattered to have been able to get involved with some people who really know what they’re doing with this whole blogging thing. First Kim from LaterLevels asked if she could use a very early track I wrote for a video she was making, and then suddenly I was getting involved with their Question of the Month polls, meeting other people through that, and now there are several people in this odd little world that I would actually consider friends, which is very cool. So I think I should say thank you to Kim now for being the first person to invite me into that world, rather than just being a little guy floating along talking to nobody in particular (and I did write some more music for her by way of thanks recently)!

Well, then, that’s how I came to know some very awesome people and end up working on some very awesome projects with them – so what are those projects?

Well, if you’ve been following me recently, you’ll have seen me recapping the first and second rounds of the Blogger Blitz, an incredible project put together by Ian at Adventure Rules in which bloggers faced off against each other in a single-elimination tournament to crown the inaugural Champion Of The World. That champion? None other than Lightning Ellen and her shero, Lightning Farron! Our runner-up, Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate, did amazingly too, of course. I’m pretty sad this is over, but I suspect we’ll be seeing something similar – if not a full-blown sequel – springing up before too long!

I’ve also got up to some more musical mischief with both my other half, Hannah, and a new friend called Nathan from Hurricane Thought Process. Next in line for the mayhem is NekoJonez, whose track is in the works (sorry this is taking ages, buddy!), and then it’ll be the host of Blogger Blitz himself, Ian!

Speaking of NekoJonez, he and I are still trucking along with our playthrough of 999, and he’s also orchestrated an intensely awesome ginormous project in which every Zelda game that there is gets a post written about it! This was really fun to be a part of, and I got to contribute three posts – I learned a lot about the games I was writing about, and through reading everyone else’s posts I’ve learned a lot about all the others too! This amazing project has already inspired a spin-off, as The Well-Red Mage and I are now in the very early stages of putting together a similar thing in which all the Final Fantasy games get reviewed, opined upon, and all those other glorious things. So if you’d like to contribute a post about a Final Fantasy game, let me know!

Finally (I think, and I’m really sorry if I’ve forgotten anything!) I recently met TriformTrinity via Twitter, and he had this really great idea for a series about people’s ‘Gaming Gripes’. I got in touch and we had a chat about what that series might look like, and then I ended up being the interviewee for the very first one! It all went from nothing to a complete post in the space of about an afternoon, which was awesome, so anyone who wants to have a rant about their gaming pet peeves should definitely hit up TT to get involved.

I think that’s most of what I’ve been up to, and hopefully there’ll be much more to come! I do like my own little rambles here on Overthinker Y, but working with others to create these amazing projects has been a really cool thing to be able to do. Maybe I’ll even run one myself before too long!



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