The Overthinkery Reclamation Project

Hey, dudes.

I’m having a slight blogdentity crisis as of late. This is something I think I will probably write on in a little bit more detail in the near future, but in short:

  • I think I need to evaluate what sort of posts I publish, which will include finding out what kind of stuff people would like to read from me
  • I should rearrange my blog’s menus, categories and general layout of content, which means I need to take stock of what I have so far and think about what I would like to have going forwards
  • I’d like to reclaim some old content from previous blogs, just so I have things in one place (and to help inform the previous two points).

So step one is going to be for me to re-post a few old articles from blogs that I had back in the day, before this one. I have hundreds of posts, all of which are now buried in the depths of the internet where nobody will ever see them, and at least two or three of which are probably half-decent examples of stuff I’ve done.

Over the next few days, therefore, I’ll be digging out some of my old stuff and scheduling it to post here – not all at once, but probably one a day until I’m out of material that I think is worth bringing back to the light. (There may also be one or two new posts during the same time-frame, but the old ones will be clearly marked.) Once I’ve done that, I think there’ll probably be a new post from me about how I’m feeling about the ol’ bloglife and trying to assess where to go from here. Input will be welcome!

So, er… look forward to that.



  1. I was thinking recently about going back through my old content and actually editing it and adding pictures and whatnot to get it even with current posts…I, uh, was not able to work up the motivation to actually go through with it. So good on you for some successful reflecting! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do once you’ve had some time to look through your old content.

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  2. I mean, the old stuff is going to be presented pretty much as it was back in 2011(!) – I think I’m doing this more to take stock of the kind of things I can write, rather than because I want to actually use my old work as content again. Hopefully it’ll help me have more better-er content going forwards, though!

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  3. That makes sense – looking back at your body of work to help identify your unique voice. I look forward to seeing it all in action!

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