Each Little Universe: debut novel launch and giveaway

Chris Durston

Well, then.

Each Little Universe is here! It’s available in both ebook and paperback format right here on Amazon (that should be the UK page – here’s the US one!) – it’s pretty reasonably priced, in my opinion, and it’s even free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Now, you should be able to use the links above to get either Kindle or paperback copies, but there’s a chance that the different editions haven’t linked by the time you’re reading this. If the links are only giving you the Kindle option, here are the paperback ones separately: UK paperbackUS paperback.

Or… you could win a free signed paperback copy. How ’bout that?

Before I explain how this giveaway will work, there have been a couple of reviews from advance readers already, for which I’m really incredibly grateful.

Solarayo, of the blog Ace Asunder, said:

The author’s writing…

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