If you’ve ever enjoyed this blog, why not get it in book format?

Hey, pals! It’s been a while. I think, sadly, it’s probably fairly safe to say that I’m not all that likely to write much on video games these days.

The bright side is that that’s because I’m really enjoying writing fiction, but I still feel a bit sad to leave games writing behind, so I thought I’d give this part of my life a proper send-off by collecting a bunch of my articles into an actual book!

You can buy Video Games: Art, Theory, Design, Philosophy at http://mybook.to/vg-atdp. I hope that the way I’ve arranged the pieces in there makes for a book that’s actually a decent, accessible introduction to a whole bunch of gaming-related topics – more entertaining than pure academic discussion, but maybe also a bit more in-depth than just casual wondering about stuff. A nice middle ground, with any luck.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me through the years in any capacity. I appreciate you all very much.

Much love!

And buy the book!



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