The Future of the Overthinker

So I’m… what, one post in? At this point, I think it’s a great time to start thinking about the future of Overthinker Y. I’ve got a couple of ideas, and I figured that if I set them out here then I might actually do them.

So here are some series (serieses?) of articles that I’m thinking about doing as regular Overthinkeries. I really doubt anyone has stumbled across this blog yet and thought ‘fuck me, I hope this is going to be a long-running thing the future of which I really need laid out in front of me right now’, but heck. This is a personal project, and I’m not expecting it to ever get more than two or three views in its entire life, but I still want to make the most of it.

SO. Ideas.

The one article currently up on Overthinker Y is about examining a criticism made towards a game and dissecting whether there’s any legitimacy to it, and I reckon that might not be a bad thing to carry on with. I’ve been thinking about the next thing I’d like to write; Tomb Raider (the reboot) is a game I’ve played recently and really enjoyed, so I think I’d like to do a little examination of narrative dissonance in that context. One of the main things I’ve seen come up in detractors’ arguments about Tomb Raider is that a big part of the plot is Lara’s inexperience with killing, and the psychological effect it has on her, yet the gameplay revolves around slaughtering mooks left, right and centre. So the first official Overthinker Y series shall be called OutThinking Bad Reviews or something like that.

The next thing I know I definitely want to do is a series discussing game music, and I’d also like to run a little experiment along with that. I’m planning to write an entire game soundtrack (for a game that I don’t plan to make, at least just yet), and I’ll post each track as I write it along with a discussion of what kind of tune it is and a brief look at some of its influences. That shall be called Chiptune Chaos. (As with the above, title subject to change.)

Then there’ll be general reviews of whatever the heck I’ve been playing, reading, watching or listening to. Pop Culture Overthought might be that one’s name.

I’d also like to have a bit of a philosophical column, since I spent three years at university studying literature and philosophy. Maybe a look at some philosophical ideas, whether recent or old, and applying them to life in the Internet age. I’ll call that one something along the lines of Millennial Philosophy.

Naturally, I also want to be able to just write about whatever the heck I feel like, and maybe more common threads will rise up out of that and we’ll have more series to talk about. But this might be enough to be getting on with.

Each series, assuming I get around to doing them, will be tagged for ease of reference. So if you’re reading this in a future in which I’ve actually bothered to write lots of quality content, check out the categories to read any one series.


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