Chiptune Chaos 1 – The Story So Far


I’ve been trying to work out what I want to achieve with Overthinker Y, and I think that I really just need some sort of creative outlet for all the bollocks that goes on in my brain. Some of that bollocks is musical bollocks, so I think it only fitting that I use this as an excuse to do more music.

Chiptune Chaos is going to be a little series in which I embark on a (hopefully) epic attempt to do something I started before and never quite got around to finishing – a common theme in my life, to be honest – writing a video game soundtrack.

I’ve posted the four tracks I composed for Michelle, Ma Belle here. MMB (I’ve just Googled it and learned that it’s also the name of a Beatles song, which I wasn’t aware of) was a project set up by members of the Escapist forums who thought it might be fun to see if we, as a bunch of gaming lovers with no real experience, could band together via the connective power of the Internet and actually make a game. We didn’t do too badly, all things considered; we had a script for all the dialogue and story, some art, a bit of music, even a few scenes actually programmed in Unity, but the whole thing just sort of died off after a while. Shame, really.

Anyway, I’m going to be using this blog, coupled with this Soundcloud profile, to rekindle an old hobby: namely, composing music. I haven’t done anything like that for a while, and I think that general creative productivity has been missing for my life, so this is some sort of attempt to get back on that particular wagon. The plan is to compose a few tracks within the context of a video game soundtrack.

I don’t intend to actually make a game, at least not at this point. The idea is more just to imagine that there is a game in development and I’ve been tasked with creating tracks for it. I’ll have to come up with titles, some character leitmotifs, battle themes and background music for each area that the game might contain; I’ll be posting each track on here along with a brief explanation of what sort of scene it might accompany, as well as some discussion of its influences. I’ll get around to doing some analysis of the four tracks written for MMB in an imminent post, and then we’ll be on our way!



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