A Very Creative Christmas – Day 1 – Gifts Galore

As usual, Kim at Later Levels has pulled it out of the bag (or sack, perhaps) with another grand event for all the community to participate in.

This time, it’s about Christmas: the twelve days, no less, with a different gaming-themed festive question from December 19th through to January 1st! All the details are here, so why not get involved?

Today’s question is:

‘You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?’

Well, that person would have to be my other half, Hannah, and I usually can’t help but get her lots of different things. I’m not totally sure whether ‘video game item catalogue’ means stuff  I actually could buy in real life or items from video games, so let’s say both. Why not both? Both is good. And I reckon I’d probably end up getting… ooh, about twelve different items?

On the twelfth day of Christmas
I spent all my money

Twelve Tomb Raider vinyls
Eleven one-up mushrooms
Ten wrestling games
Nine Raving Rabbids
Eight Bandicoot keyrings
Seven classic SNES games
Six ocarinas
Four Great Mighty Turds
Three hench friends
Two boxing gloves
And a Switch with Mario Odyssey!


PS – I endorse none of these products, several of which were chosen purely because they happened to fit with the number of syllables I needed in the line. (Not that I’ve managed to make the lyrics scan particularly well, nonetheless.)

Check back in tomorrow for another question!



  1. Omggg this was a great post and I hummed the 12 days of Christmas tune the entire time. The Five Gold rings is the icing on top of the cake! Happy Holidays Chris and I can’t wait to read the rest of your responses.

    -Luna 🙂

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