A Very Creative Christmas – Day 2 – The Games of Christmas Past

If you were paying attention yesterday, you’ll have seen that Kim at Later Levels has put on a glorious spread for Christmas: not food, regrettably, but perhaps even better, gaming questions! All the details are here, so why not get involved?

Today’s question is:

‘You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?’

This is kind of a tricky one, because I don’t think I was ever allowed to actually play games at Christmas – so I don’t know whether I remember any Christmassy gaming memories! I’m sure I must have received some games as presents, then spent the rest of the holidays with them, but I just don’t know which ones that would have been.

I do, however, remember playing a few board games and other fun things. Articulate always gets brought out in my house (basically just describe as many words as possible without saying them), and recent years have taught me the joy of Cluedo. Hannah and I recently got her family Cards Against Humanity, as well, so that’s a barrel of laughs.

My family have this slightly peculiar thing called the ‘two pound present game’ in which each person around the table has to bring two wrapped presents worth two quid each (or as close to it as possible). They all get put in the middle, then dice are rolled and people take presents for themselves, move them between other people and do all sorts of things until time runs out, at which point everyone opens whichever presents have ended up in front of them. It’s usually pretty funny to see people get really worked up about wanting a particular one, despite the fact that they’re all worth exactly the same!

I might see if I can enlist some family members to play Overcooked‘s festive DLC, actually. Nobody else is really much of a gamer, and Overcooked lives up to its tagline of ‘chaotic couch co-op’, so that could be fun. So far the only video games that have been played as a family are ones that don’t require any actual gaming skill – Trivial Pursuit and that sort of thing. It is still pretty fun to see people who aren’t gamers in the slightest try to work out how they’re supposed to use this odd little controller-y thing to answer questions, so hopefully there’ll be some more of that this year!

Tomorrow’s question looks like a fun one, so see you again then!



  1. Oh haha…
    Basically you buy a gift at a set price agreed by everyone.
    You draw numbers and then pick a gift at random once your number is up.
    The next person to pick a gift can either take the gift that you just grabbed, or they can choose another gift.
    Our rules are that you can steal a gift three different times before it is locked and cannot be stolen again.
    My bottle of liquor creates chaos every year…some people just want to see the world burn.

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