High Score Haute Couture: The Results!

Star Award On Red Curtains

Well, ladies and gentlemen and people in-between and outside and wherever else, it’s just about time to wrap up the greatest gaming fashion show ever in the history of all the universes ever. It’s been an exceptionally fun project, and I hope you’ve had fun reading the epic showdowns between titans of gaming stylishness!

To recap quickly, Pix over at Shoot the Rookie has been someone I’ve wanted to work with for a while, especially since we’ve both dipped our toes in the vast and fabulous pool that is style in gaming, and we decided it would be fun to put on an extravaganza pitting some of the most fashionable people in gaming against each other.

If you’ve not been following along, please take the time to quickly read through the story as it’s unfolded!

The short version of all of this is that Pix and I each selected five gloriously stylish characters and had them star in epic fashion shows; we ran polls to decide a winner from each of our five, and those two winners then walked one more glorious walk each. We then put out the call to three judges whose qualifications in couture and vogue are just as boundless as are own, and because I’m feeling a bit bored, I’m going to recap the three verdicts in sonnet form. (Loosely. Don’t critique my sonnet-writing, for heaven’s sake.)


A hermit who once did on fashion write
Was visited by strangers seeking aid.
His cardboard organ was broken that night
In his surprise; then his judgement he made.

His praise was heaped on Repede’s min’malism
And showcase of abilities and friends;
Samus’s fashion sense did cause a schism
But the outfit did impress him in the end.

Both entries Ian thought visually pleasing
And Repede’s sweet gear was surely versatile.
His ultimate verdict came with the reasoning
That Samus simply had the greatest style.

So Samus garners vict’ry number one,
And Ian’s fear of fashion’s overcome.


Our second judge liked Repede’s use of blue
And gave marks for his great accessorising.
Awards also for confidence and hue
A victory seems there on the horizon.

The dog impressed, now Samus must delight them.
Some RuPaul references I surely clock!
This judge enjoyed the armour and the lighting,
But felt less style, more electro-Woodstock.

It came down to diff’rence of presentation:
For Repede showed movement and puppy pics,
While Samus used the same trick all too brazen.
Thus the decision’s made, the vict’ry sticks.

Repede therefore has tied it at one-all
With one judge left, who knows what fate may fall?


The audience are on edges of seats
So reports the great judge number three.
Repede’s walk will surely be hard to beat
His moves and presence are legendary.

Next, Samus’s gear does gleam and hair does billow
The power suit on show, the judge enjoys.
Comparison to ‘graceful armadillo’
Is spotted and against the odds brings joy!

This judge appreciates both entrants’ skill
In choosing lighting, music and cool moves.
The hardest part: to choose just one who will
Be first place, and whose stylishness thus proves.

It’s difficult to select one of these glamours
But your winner, two to one, declared: it’s Samus!


Cor, that was intense. With that, I think we’ve drawn the event to a close! I’m not going to claim any glory: we had ten amazing entrants, and it just so happened that one of mine ended up victorious, but… well, not to be incredibly saccharine or anything, but I think we’re all winners here. (I cringed at myself a little bit there, but that is actually how I feel about it!)

It’s been a lot of fun to put together, and I have to give big ol’ thanks to everybody who’s been a part of it: our three judges The Gaming Diaries, Adventure Rules, and Upon Completion, everybody who commented and voted on the first runway shows, and of course Pix, who I think I can now happily say is a genuine friend as well as someone who’s fun to do collabs with. I’m sure this won’t be the last of the Pix-Chris Duumvirate, although we might take a bit of a break from working with each other now! I also don’t think this is going to be the last you’ll see of The Gaming Fashion Show; let us know what you think we can do in future to make an even more bigger and more fabulous-er event for next time!

Thanks again, everyone, and see you again soon!



  1. What a stylish way to wrap up this fashion frenzy! I enjoyed both taking part and simply reading the great posts the two of you came up with. Definitely looking forward to the next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Impressive sonnet writing here. Well done to both of you and thanks for letting us judges be a tiny part of this fantastic event. I really enjoyed following this event through from the beginning and I look forward to anything you both collaborate on in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

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