Later Levels Question of the Month – July 2018 – Wedding Bells!

June was kinda hectic for me, so I didn’t get a chance to answer the Later Levels Question of the Month as I usually do. But we’re back to form, getting in there nice and early this month to answer a brand-new quandary posed by The Gaming Diaries (who’s very cool and whose blog you should definitely check out!):

It is coming into wedding season, if the shops and people I know are anything to go by. So in that spirit, you and a plus-one are attending the gaming wedding of the year. Which video game character do you take to the wedding and which character gives you advice on what to wear?

Now, I don’t go to many weddings, so I’m gonna need some good advice here. Where better to search for clothing assistance than the fashion show I staged with Pix1001 not so long ago (and for which The Gaming Diaries provided thoughtful and snazzy judgement)?

30-nrzig-largeThough he didn’t make it past the first round, Agent 47 showed off his penchant for super-smart suits in Pix’s first fashion show, and I reckon this hitman would be more than capable of helping me get dressed in something smart, appropriate, and comfortable! (You can’t be an assassin if your trousers are too tight, after all.)

I’m hoping, of course, that Agent 47 would a) not decide simply to murder me,  which would always be a possibility, and b) give me decent advice on nice suits, rather than put me in one of his famous disguises.

This is not appropriate attire for nuptials.

Now, who would my plus-one be? This is a tricky one, since my default plus-one in real life is of course my other half and I therefore don’t have to think too hard about who I’m going to bring along with me. I’m given to understand, though, that if given the freedom to select one’s own companion to these sorts of events, it ought to be someone glamorous, elegant, someone who’ll be readily able to socialise with all the other guests and be entertaining, yet dignified.

Eh, I need someone I can get along with, someone I can have some fun with. So I’m bringing Wakka from Final Fantasy X!

download (1)He’s a fun, outgoing guy who happens to be a professional blitzball player (so I’m sure he can entertain the guests with some trick shots, or perhaps even set up a little game), and based on the fact that his Limits are basically slot machines he’s also a little bit of a gambler, so we might be able to run a little bit of surreptitious poker or something at the back while everyone else is at the buffet/ dancing/ listening to people talk about how great love is and stuff. I think Wakka would be able to keep me entertained throughout this wedding – not that I think weddings are likely to be boring, per se, but as The Gaming Diaries didn’t specify whose wedding it is we’re going to, I think I should take someone who I can hang out with whether I’m enjoying the actual marriage or not!

Further benefit: Wakka’s pretty proficient in combat, as is his Black Mage wife Lulu. This could be the wedding of a great gaming hero, and that means it’s almost certain to be attacked at some point, so I’ll have a couple of strong fighters on hand to help out! And, should it all be nice and calm, Wakka will probably have had a nice time relaxing and leaving Lulu to take care of their baby. (He’s a good dad, but I can imagine a little time-out will do him good!)

There we have it, then! If you have a better idea, let Later Levels and The Gaming Diaries know by submitting your own answer to July’s question of the month. I look forward to seeing some great answers!



  1. You are quick to take part! Thanks for your answer. I’m sure Agent 47 would help you out rather than dress you up in a disguise. I’m sure Wakka would have a nice time at the wedding with you.

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  2. […] OverThinker Y came along very quickly with an answer. One fashion advisor who may or may not be holding a grudge from a certain fashion event that I was a judge in. He is a fashionable man with an outfit for every occasion so I’m sure OverThinker Y would be dressed to impress on the day. On to the plus one he has gone with someone fun, someone that you could hang out with and keep you entertained if there was a dull bit (not that there would be any but just in case). Check out the selections here. […]

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