The Return of Blogger Blitz!

Guess who’s blogger back.
Blogger back again.
Blogger Blitz is blogger back.
Tell your blogger friends.
– Adveninemture Rules

Last year saw the inaugural edition of a contest for the ages, a battle of bloggers and titanic gaming champions in a bid to discover who would reign supreme as the victor of a series of arbitrary but extremely awesome challenges: THE BLOGGER BLITZ.

Ian over at Adventure Rules, a very cool feller with a very cool blog, challenged a set of WordPress community friends to pick a gaming character to represent them and then guide that character through up to three rounds of head-to-head battles against another member of the community. We had Indiana Jones take on FFXIII‘s Lightning Farron in a sales-and-marketing-off; Claire Redfield from Resident Evil battled Monkey Island’s Guybrush Threepwood to deliver mail; Mega Man and a Pokémon Ranger created epic music tracks complete with videos – suffice to say, it was pretty epic.

I covered the action as it happened (see some of my recaps of the events here and here), and I also got to participate in a unique and rewarding way by being a judge of the events. This meant that I got to read each and every fantastic entry from all of the competitors and submit my reasoning as to who I thought should be the victor of each round, and I am exceptionally glad that I took part in this way.

When Ian announced that there was going to be a Blogger Blitz II – bigger, better, bloggier, and blitzier than before – I knew I had to take part again. This time, though I loved being a judge last time, I decided that I wanted to be in a different role, and so I have just submitted my interest in being a participant over at the sign-up post. Hopefully I’ll make it in, and get to take part in at least one really cool event!

Go check it out, sign yourself up to be a competitor or a judge (honestly, there are great reasons that you’d want to be in either role, and I bet you’ll have a great time whatever position you take!), and look forward to seeing what this Blitz holds! I can’t wait!



  1. Thanks for the signal boost! You were a big part of making the first event happen and I look forward to seeing you compete this time around!

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  2. I really credit the first event with bringing me into the community, and I think it has a big part to play in the fact that I’m still blogging today, so I’m grateful! Looking forward to having a lot of fun in a different role, too.

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  3. Blogger Blitz was by far the most scary fun I’ve ever had writing and blogging. I’m very excited to see what happens this year.

    Great judging last year, by the way. And I’m not just saying that because I somehow managed to win, haha. 🙂

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