Gamers Changing Lives

Gaming is for everyone. I really believe that.

I’ve talked about it before, both in terms of representing the diversity that brings so much value and unique perspective and joy to the world, and of making sure that people are able to access games regardless of any impediments that might cause them difficulties.

Unfortunately, I’m lazy, pressed for time, low on money, and not hugely imaginative, so my own contributions to these truly valuable causes are minimal. However, if nothing else, I can at least share the work that the Later Levels gang are doing!

Check it out here: Kim and Pete will be playing games for 24 hours, starting at 8am GMT on Saturday 23rd (that’s tomorrow, time fans!). For that entire period, you’ll be able to catch them on their Twitch channel here – the list of games they’ll be playing can be seen here. It’s all in aid of SpecialEffect’s GameBlast19: SpecialEffect is a charity whose entire reason for being is helping people with all kinds of difficulties get access to games, and that really is hugely important.

If you’d like to donate directly, head to the JustGiving page here; it all goes direct to SpecialEffect.



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