Big Up The Blitz, Episode One and a Bit

Welcome back! Presumably you’ve just changed channels after watching the first half of our brand-new unofficial commentary couch for 2019’s Blogger Blitz, but if not then please go and check that out now, because second halves don’t make much sense if you’ve not seen the first!

My excellent and qualified co-host Kim will be in bold text below; I’ll just be regular ol’ me.

Also, this is only our first episode and so we’re taking the time to recap the introductions to each competitor, but you should definitely go see the original post where Ian announces them all here. I’ve also borrowed his original artwork so that this post isn’t just a wall of text, so credit to Ian for every image in this post. Future episodes will be much less about recapping and introducing, and much more about getting excited and speculating!

Continuing straight on, then…


Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor

Our first competitor this time around is Alex Sigsworth from The Purple Prose Mage! I had the pleasure of reading his previous Blogger Blogger Blitz work as a judge when he took part in the event with Charles Jericho by his side last year. He’s got a cool head on his shoulders and knows how to make an entrance; and with Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor on his team, we’ve got a very strong competitor here.

Ashley Williams and Commander Shepard

Around the Bonfire, another fresh face (it’s so awesome to see so many people joining the fold of esteemed Blitzers!), has picked Ashley Williams and Commander Shepard. I know Shep’s extremely capable in all situations, and has a strong bond with Ashley that should play well to the demands of the Blitz; that said, I’m assuming this Ashley and Shepard come from a timeline where Ashley didn’t die, ‘cos I’m pretty sure she did when I played Mass Effect!

Morgana and Ann Takamaki

Hold onto your hats because we have another Mage joining us this year! Here’s Winst0lf from Winstolf Portal, also known as the Bizarro Mage. He has been blogging for a while now but I’ve only gotten to know him recently and he’s such a nice guy. Winst0lf’s got a great team by in the form of Morgana and Ann Takamaki – who wouldn’t want a mysterious cat with Phantom Thief and Zorro powers by their side throughout a Blogger Blitz match?

Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage

A returning Blitz veteran now in FlameFlash, who burned brightly last year as Mega Man villain Sigma. This year he’s chosen Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, star-crossed lovers from the World of Warcraft universe. This is a pair with a powerful and mythical connection, but (from the little I know of WoW) Malfurion is currently in a deep magical slumber. Will he awaken for the contest? If so, that’s a very big moment which FlameFlash will have to strategise about: not awakening Malfurion could be a confounding factor, leaving him with just one champion when everyone else has the potential of employing two conscious characters and their connections, but waking him too early might leave him with no big tricks left to pull out in later stages!

Itsuki Aoi and Yashiro Tsurugi

Next up is a blogger we know very well: it’s Pix 1001 from Shoot the Rookie! This lovely lady has been involved with several fabulous collaborations with Chris, which you should really check out if you haven’t already. She’s taking Itsuki Aoi and Yashiro Tsurugi into battle with her and I have to confess, these aren’t characters I’m familiar with. But Pix knows her Japanese games and she’s a great writer, so I’m sure she’s going to go far in this competition!

Lightning Farron and Oerba Yun Fang

Now we have not only an experienced competitor but a Blitz champion! LightningEllen, everyone’s favourite Canadian blogger/XIII superfan/all-round good person, won in 2017 with, naturally, her shero Lightning Farron, and not only is Ellen back but she’s brought her returning victor with her. Holy sheeeeeet. Lightning’s accompanied by her fast friend and questing companion Oerba Yun Fang, an equally powerful and awesome woman. This is gonna be a partnership that’ll be hard to overcome, that’s for sure!

N and His Pokemon

I’m sure all the Pokemon fans out there will be rooting for Clockworth because he’s bringing along N and his creatures. Ian from Adventure Rules knows this competitor in real life, and anyone who’s a friend of Ian must surely be pretty awesome! N understands the thoughts and feelings of Pokemon in a way that other trainers don’t so there’s a really strong connection there. Those powerful relationships may prove to be incredibly useful in the upcoming Blogger Blitz matches – will Clockworth be able to use them to his advantage?

Geralt and Ciri

Finally, KT Martin takes the stage with The Witcher hero Geralt of Rivia and his friend-slash-daughter-surrogate Ciri. What I love about the partnerships on display for Shipping Wars is that they’re of all different kinds: we have romantic connections, firm friendships, unrequited love, and now a parental sort of relationship which should give KT some really interesting potential for approaching overcoming these events. KT’s well worth a follow on Twitter, by the way – she’s another person I first crossed paths with during a Normal Happenings collab, and she has a lot of cool things to share including cosplay tutorials, by which I feel thoroughly educated!

And, of course, our host is as ever the wonderful Ian of Adventure Rules. Ian really goes out of his way to give back to the community, with Blogger Blitz being the biggest but by no means the only example of his commitment to creating opportunities for collaborative good times.


Next time on the Very Qualified, Very Spin-off, Very Excitement Sports-Commentary-Style Blitz Rundown And Discussion Programme, we’ll know who’s facing who in the first round of matchups and what those events will involve!

Well, in fact we already know the lineup, but we only have the barest of hints as to what each match will require the competitors to do! This time was really just an introduction and rundown of the people who’ll be making the Blitz this year, and each of whom we’ll come to know and love well; next time we broadcast, we’ll have more information about the exact specifications of each event, which means we can speculate, discuss, and generally squee with fandom excitement.

Until next time, Blitz faithful!



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