Oh, hey. I’m still here.

How do, friends of the Internet.

It’s been a while. I mean, a long while – it’s been months since I posted anything here on OverThinker Y, which I’m pretty sure is the longest downtime this humble blog has undergone.

However! I haven’t been completely inactive. In fact, I’ve been doing a few things…

Other Writing What I Did

Some stuff that I’m pretty sure has happened since I was last hanging around here is that I did a coupla thingies for The Well-Red Mage, including a first-impressions post on Pokémon Shield and reviews of Untitled Goose Game and Vambrace: Cold Soul.

I’ve taken some time out for reviewing for Bonus Stage (although I hope I might head back some time), but I was happy to finish up with this review of Omensight, and over on Obilisk I knocked out a post about the implications of continued improvement to the technology behind video game graphics.

There’s also the upcoming Normal Happenings collab The Characters That Define Us, for which I’ve now finished my contribution. It’ll be out… well, some time next year, owing to the epic and seemingly slightly aleatoric nature of the event.

And, finally, I think I’ve finished The Novel Formerly Known As Stargirl version 3. Over the next couple of months, I’ve decided that I’ll be looking to self-publish it so that I can finally say I’ve made a thing and it’s out there and all that. I have a bit of work to do to get it in publishable shape, and then… it’ll be released for all the world.

Out Loud Stuff What I Made With My Mouth

About two months ago, I made my second appearance on MAGE CAST, this time to talk about Chrono Trigger. Mine was the third of three episodes on the game, each with a guest with a different level of experience with it: the others had played it long ago, or at least a while ago, while I’d only just played and completed it for the first time in preparation to discuss it.

Following the show, I wrote up an appendix of sorts to capture some things that I wasn’t able to say out loud during the episode, either because I just forgot them or because they didn’t occur to me until later or because I’m generally not particularly used to speaking and thus not great at getting points across that way.

… Which leads me to the last, and perhaps most ridiculous thing, that I’ve been up to.

I’m a podcast host now.

In fact, I’m the writer, producer, editor, composer, and host of Philosophiraga, the video games and philosophy podcast.


This has been in the works for a while, but I’m still astonished that it’s actually come to fruition. Philosophiraga is part of The Well-Red Mage’s family of audio content, and it’s an introductory philosophy course disguised as a chat about video games – or possibly a chat about video games disguised as a philosophical discussion. I dunno. Either way, it’s a show in which I introduce an idea from the world of philosophy each episode and frame it in relation to one or more video games. It’s a relatively bite-sized chunk of not-at-all academic mind enrichment.

Our first module, moral philosophy, is now well underway, with three full episodes available for your listening pleasure. Take a look at the announcement post on The Well-Red Mage to find all the many places where Philosophiraga can be heard and/or downloaded, plus info about how simply leaving a review for the show could win you some freeeeeeeeeee stuff.



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