Creativity Quest, Vol. 1

Besides being an incredibly prolific and skilled blogger (amirite), I’m also a person who does… other creative stuff.

Well, that’s partly true. I’m a person who likes doing creative things, and who thinks of himself as a pretty creative person, but only rarely takes the step of actually producing something. Overthinker Y is – primarily, I think – an effort to combat that. The hope is that I can use this outlet to post as much stuff as I can coherently get out of my head and into words, while also making promises to myself and to some (for now, imaginary) audience that might one day hold me accountable if I fail to deliver. Chiptune Chaos is a step in that direction: I’m making a commitment, of sorts, that I will produce music, thus forcing myself to live up to this conception I have of myself as someone who is actually capable of being creative and whatnot.

Hence, also, Creativity Quest. This’ll be a sort of meta-series documenting my journey back towards being somebody who Gets Stuff Done, if all goes well. It’ll be a place to talk about the process of writing the music for Chiptune Chaos before it’s actually completed and posted, as well as any other endeavours upon which I might embark. Overthinker Y itself is of course a creative endeavour, so Creativity Quest may well act as a little behind-the-scenes on that front.

The main (or, at least, single biggest and most time-consuming) creative pastime I’m hoping I can rekindle is writing fiction. I started a novel called Stargirl back in November 2015, and I’m immensely disappointed in myself that that’s as far as it’s gone, so there’s another goal.

(Incidentally, I really miss 2015 in hindsight. It’s like having a main course of steak that’s pretty tasty but maybe not cooked quite to your liking and ultimately you’re just not that fussed, but then dessert turns out to be a plate of literal shit. Suddenly you’re wishing for the steak back, because at least it wasn’t poo.)

The next thing I’ll be looking to do is a quick chat about the four ‘pre-CC’ pieces I mentioned in Chiptune Chaos 1, and after that it’ll be full steam ahead on making new tunes. Creativity Quest, while I’m hoping it will be one of the least active series (because if it isn’t, that means I’m just bigging up how great I am at being a total artiste and not actually doing it) will be popping up here and there to shed some light on how it’s all going, in essence.

I really hope somebody does end up reading this. If you do, please don’t let me get away with not doing any of this.




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