A Very Creative Christmas – Day 3 – Santa’s Extremely Helpful Assistant

It’s the third day of twelve extroadinarily wonderful questions posed by Later Levels! All the details are here, so why not get involved?

Today’s question is:

‘You receive a call from Santa, as the elves desperately need a hand in the workshop getting all the toys ready. Which video game character would you recruit to help out?’

Well, my first thought is Kingdom Hearts II, in which Sora, Donald and Goofy do actually act as (temporary) assistants to Mr Claus himself via the glorious means of a present cannon, and beating up three annoying children.

But heck, that’s not very interesting. Y’know, I’ve already suggested that the Dragonborn from Skyrim might not be terrible at this present-delivering lark – but again, I feel I should come up with a new and more interesting-er answer. And besides, this is a slightly different question: not ‘who would make a good Santa’, but ‘who’d make a good Santa’s assistant‘, so let’s go a little bit left-field.

this guy right here.

Well, why the heck not? He’s got it all going for him: Triforce of Power, allowing him to lift lots of heavy presents into the sleigh; extreme determination, helping him to get the job done no matter the cost; speedy horse, for when that last-minute shopping spree needs to get done, like, five minutes ago; beard. He’s got a beard. It’s not as good as Santa’s, but it is a beard.

I don’t know that Ganondorf is the best embodiment of the Christmas spirit, but he’s certainly embodied the personification of many things over the years: wrath, ambition, fury, all those fun things.

I mean… why not?

Tomorrow’s question is a fun one, and I’m sure Kim will be sharing everyone’s answers, so go check out @kissingthepixel on Twitter and the questions hub on Later Levels!


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